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What is an Identity Crisis?

identity crisis

One of the grandfathers of personality psychology, Erik Erikson, wrote an interesting article about this subject. Erikson (1970) found that identity crisis is one of the most important conflicts that an individual will face in its developmental course. Continue reading

The Rationale for Adopting an Infant as Early as Possible: Considering Attachment Theory

According to the developmental psychologist John Bowlby, the young infant develops its selective attachment when it is about 6 months old. Before this period, the child will mostly appreciate the security and comfort of an attachment figure.

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Rural-Urban Variations in Mental Illness


An epidemiological study of 94 counties in the US showed that people living in cities had a 17% greater chance of developing either mild psychological distress or serious psychological distress compared with people living in more rural places (Dhingra et al., 2009). Continue reading