A Stage Model of How our Mind and Body Respond to Traumatic Stress


How do people typically respond to traumatic stress? What is  the best way to support someone in a traumatic crisis? Johan Cullberg, a Swedish professor in psychiatry, may have some of the answers.

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Do You Pick the Dead Man’s Solution? Focus on What You Want to Be Instead of What You Don’t Want to Be

tomb stones

The dead man’s solution is to have goals that could be achieved by a dead man, such as having no pain or no more terrible feelings. At first, it seems like some nice goals to have, but in fact they may not help us.
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The Best Way to Learn is From Experience, But Experience Itself is Not Enough

Learning is not just a matter of education or experience. We need both to encourage personal development.

It can be tough to learn from experience. Experience may frighten us, weaken us or make us self-doubt, but it may also make us stronger. What all experiences have in common is that they shape who we are. Continue reading

8 Principles to Improve Memory


Everyone experiences recall difficulties. The human memory isn’t perfect, but luckily there are ways to improve it.

It is annoying not to be able to recall stuff you have just learned, heard about, or witnessed. Imagine you look through all of your study notes before an exam, and you don’t remember anything. Let’s try to avoid this situation with a few learning principles.

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15 Cognitive Biases that Prevent Us From Thinking Rationally


When we make decisions or judgments, we often use mental shortcuts. The purpose of mental shortcuts is to ease the “cognitive load” of making decisions.

Mental shortcuts are helpful because they allow us to make quick decisions, but sometimes they result in “thinking errors” or so-called cognitive biases. We should be aware of these biases because they prevent us from thinking rationally.

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Who Win The Promiscuity Battle — Men or Women?


This topic has received much attention over the years, and we all have our assumptions about it, but what does psychological research tell us about gender differences in promiscuity? Continue reading


6 Handpicked Photos that Illustrate the Development of Human Beings

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Do You Have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset? Begin to Focus on Growth and Achieve Success


All organisms have the potential to grow and develop, but people may have learned not to.

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