The story behind Reflectd is a non-profit and independent blog about psychology created by me, Simon Moesgaard, a psychologist from Denmark. Here, you’ll hopefully find new perspectives and insights into what it means to be human.

I created Reflectd in 2013 while studying a master’s degree in psychology because I wanted to make psychology more approachable, and over 200 articles have been written since then (you can check out the archives). I mostly write about the scientific literature in psychology.

I enjoy learning more each day, and I enjoy writing about it. My interests embrace everything from neuropsychology to clinical psychology. All psychology studies I write about have been published in reputable academic journals. I try to write articles of practical value in a simple and understandable language so that you get the most out of it. I link to all the original studies in my posts so that you can look up the sources yourself.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future articles, and don’t hesitate to follow Reflectd so that you get the latest articles. Loyal readers have made this blog what it is today. So, thank you for reading. I just hope that Reflectd will inspire you, as it inspires me to get new perspectives.

I have been doing therapy since 2015 since I got my master’s degree in psychology (Cand.Psych). I have later been certified by the Metacognitive Institute after a 2-year programme. Now I work as a clinical psychologist. Besides therapy, I am occupied with education and supervision within the field of psychology.

Best wishes,

Simon Moesgaard