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  • Someone asked:
    Hi, I have a question about how detached mindfulness can be engaged in everyday situations, how does one gradually or habitually become non attached and non judgemental to thoughts/feelings/sensations etc? I've read part 7 of your blog post which is quite interesting, I'm guessing you'll be explaining more in part 8. I hope this question somebody else too. Thank you very much!
    • Simon Moesgaard replied:
      Thanks for that question! I am glad that you are the first one to ask me that question. I am going through how to practice detached mindfulness in part 8 (at least in a therapy session), which is going to be the last part of this series. I work on that part at the moment. The short answer is that you will gradually become more aware of the CAS process and you will identify it when you practice, a kind of meta-awareness. When you postpone further processing of thoughts, for example in the case of worry postponement, you just relate to your thoughts as events in your mind. When you judge a thought, you are already in 'the CAS mode', so you can also postpone the judgement process. I hope that it makes sense, and stay in tune for part 8. Best regards, Simon.


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