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Posting Facebook Status Updates Fosters a Sense of Connectedness and Reduces Loneliness


According to Deters & Mehl (2013), Facebook has 800 million active users of whom more than 50% visit the site every day. In other words, Facebook has become a big part of many people’s lives, and people increasingly use Facebook to communicate with family and friends. Continue reading

Predictors of Internet Addiction (Loneliness, Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction)


In a recent study, Bozoglan and colleagues (2013) found the three factors: loneliness, self-esteem and life satisfactions to predict internet addiction among 384 university students. One of the primary findings of the study is that loneliness contributes to internet addiction. Continue reading

Can Personality Explain Why Some People Use Social Network Sites More Than Others?

Facebook is one of many social network sites (SNS) where people present themselves in certain ways and maintain their relationships, but what does research say about the characteristics of individuals who use SNSs more than others? Do they differ on personality characteristics? In fact, evidence shows that this might be the case.

Continue reading