Deal With Anxiety by Reframing How You Think About Negative or Anxious Emotions and Situations

Reappraisal of negative or anxious emotions reduces anxiety by providing more positive thoughts and emotions.

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Self-Efficacy is Related to Motivation and Performance, Research Shows

Believe and you will achieve.

The degree to which people believe in themselves and their own capabilities is important for their motivation and success.  People’s capabilities are important, but what they believe they can do is at least as important! Continue reading

Rituals Restore Feelings of Control

Rituals may restore feelings of control, possibly by providing an illusion of control in times of uncertainty.

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Humor Connects People: The Laughing and Liking Principle


“A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin

Humor and laughter are prevalent in most people’s daily lives. According to Treger and colleagues (2013), some estimates suggest that we laugh an average of 18 times a day, often in the presence of others. Continue reading

We Invest So Much Time In Mind Wandering, But How Does It Help Us?

Mind wandering may help us by providing an opportunity for self-reflection that allows us to make meaning of our lives.

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5 Facts About Fear Appeals

SMOKING KILLS: Strong fear appeals only promote change if they are accompanied by messages that make people believe they can succeed in changing their behaviours.

A meta-analysis by Witte & Allen (2000) provides evidence that fear appeals can motivate attitude, intention and behavior changes, as long as they are accompanied by messages that make people believe they can succeed in changing their respective behaviours. Continue reading

You May Empathize More With Attractive Others, Study Shows

New research shows that we are more likely to imitate the behaviors of an attractive person, which reflects the tendency to empathize more with attractive others.

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Study: Feelings of Flow May Lead to Risk-Taking Behavior

extreme sport

Previous research has focused on the many benefits of the experience of flow such as motivation and persistence in learning contexts. Flow has also been associated with positive outcomes regarding experience, well-being, mood and performance. Continue reading