Psychology Resources: List of Blogs, Databases, and Videos
Psychology Resources: List of Blogs, Databases, and Videos

Psychology Resources: List of Blogs, Databases, and Videos

Psychology blogs

  • Research Digest by The British Psychological Society: A great concise blog on brain and behavior
  • PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean: A popular psychology blog that covers many areas of psychological research
  • Head Quarters by The Guardian
  • The Essential Read by Psychology Today: A great mix of psychology articles and authors
  • Mind Hacks by Vaughan Bell & Tom Stafford: Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain
  • Providentia by Romeo Vitelli: A biased look at psychology in the world
  • Lifehacker by KINJA: Self-help tools
  • PsychCentral: A platform for many psychology blogs
  • Psychology in Everyday Life by Deborah Khoshaba: Self-help tools that are applicable to everyday life situations
  • Mind the Brain by Linking neuroscience research, psychological disorders, health and well-being
  • The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg: Self-help tools and tips on personal development
  • Brain Pickings by Maria Popova: Insights and inspiration from psychology, history, culture and literature
  • Lifehack: Tips for life, productivity, motivation, communication, and work
  • MedicalXpress: Reports of new psychological research findings
  • Tiny Buddha: Personal growth, mindfulness, and tips on how to live a happy life
  • Pick The Brain: Motivation and self-improvement
  • Brain Connection by Posit Science
  • Science of Us by New York Magazine: A psychology site from 2014 that reports the results of new studies
  • Research Blogging/Psychology: Research updates from various blogs, only peer-reviewed research
  • Psychology on Reddit: A community for scientifically-based discussions of psychological material
  • The Psychologist’s Daily by American Psychological Association
  • Neurophilosophy by The Guardian
  • Association for Psychological Science: A research journal with many interesting studies
  • mental health section by TIME Magazine: Read about the latest psychology studies

Psychology videos

  • Documentary Heaven: Watch online psychology documentaries for free
  • Watch psychology videos from conferences and events for free
  • TED Talks: Watch high quality psychology videos with famous psychologists and performers
  • Watch Documentary: Browse free psychology documentaries in full length
  • YouTube: Watch psychology documentaries in full length
  • Channel N: Links to various brain and behavior videos by the PsychCentral community

Psychology databases

If you want access to a research article, you need to purchase it. This is true for all the databases, except PLOS ONE, but you can often get free access via your institution, and you are always allowed to read the abstract of an article. Good luck.

  • PsychINFO by American Psychological Association: This is the psychology database. You can create a free account, which allows you to search for articles
  • PubMED Medline: This database consists of peer-reviewed research only. You don’t need a login to search for articles
  • Wiley Online Library by John Wiley & Sons: You don’t need a login to search for articles
  • SAGE Journals: You don’t need a login to search for articles
  • PLOS ONE: A public, open-access library of science. All articles in this database are for free
  • PNAS Online: A 100-year old database for many sciences. You don’t need a login to search for articles

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