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Think Less to Overcome Depression, New Treatment Paradigm Suggests (Why You Should Know About Metacognitive Therapy)

A new study by psychologist Pia Callesen, published in the reputable journal Scientific Reports in Nature (2020), shows that Metacognitive Therapy is way more effective in treating depression than usual treatment.

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The Placebo Effect: How Expectations Produce Real Effects


Placebo pills are not “real” pills, but they may have similar effects.

According to Gibbs (2010), placebos are interventions that do not have a true treatment effect on the symptom or disease for which they are used. An important aspect is that people think they receive a true treatment. Continue reading

4 Assumptions About the Mean Value in Statistics

Speelman & McGann (2013) emphasize that over-reliance on means may contribute to misleading, and possibly erroneous, findings. Continue reading

The Psychometric Quality of a Psychological Test


Testing is the cornerstone of psychological research.

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